UkLotto Lottery Results

The UK Lotto has been licensed to the Camelot Group since 1994 and is run by the National Lottery. The lottery is drawn twice a week, on Wednesday at 10:30pm and Saturday at 8:30pm. Purchase your tickets online at Ulotto anytime until 7pm the night of the draw you wish to enter.


Prize Breakdown



Many people like to pick their own numbers when playing the UK Lotto. This is not always the best way to ensure your chances of winning the jackpot. It is always best to choose numbers that were common in previous draws, as opposed to those that are rarely picked. Try mixing in a few of these common numbers into your pick: 15, 19, 12, 9 and 17. On the flip side, try avoiding numbers that are rarely picked. These include 2, 32, 6, 1 and 47.

The best way to play is of course to use the Quick Pick option. With Bitcoin, you can click Quick Pick All and let the computer randomly choose the numbers for you. This way you have a statistically better chance of winning, and the headache of choosing your own numbers is avoided.

The great thing about the UK Lotto is that you can win two ways. Choose your numbers or use Quick Pick for a chance at the main game. Your ticket will also be printed with a special Raffle Number. At least 50 people will have their number drawn and win big.