Lotto649 Lottery Results

Canada’s famous Lotto 649 isn’t famous for nothing. This is the first lottery game in the country that allowed players to choose their own numbers. Canadians aren’t the only ones who can play this lottery game. Other players can also bet and win Lotto 649 through online lottery games.


Prize Breakdown



Winning the Lotto 649 is something that everyone would love to do. Having a good understanding of which numbers are the most commonly drawn can help you get there. Avoiding those that generally are not chosen is of course also always a good idea. So while it’s nice to use personally meaningful numbers, it may not assist you in winning. The most common Lotto 649 numbers are 34, 31, 40, 45, 20 and 43. These numbers have been chosen over 400 times each, so the likelihood of one of them popping up again is pretty big. Sometimes good things come in pairs and the Lotto 649 is no different. 20 and 43 as well as 12 and 43 have appeared together over 60 times.

Quick Pick is still your best bet if you want to succeed in this lottery. Lotto 649 players who click Quick Pick All have the best chances of getting a winning combination. Just click Quick Pick All and let the computer do the choosing for you. Randomly selected numbers will appear, giving you a stastically greater chance of having winning numbers.