La Primitiva Lottery Results

The oldest lottery in the world isn’t around for nothing. La Primitiva gives hope to many Spanish players being one of the favorite lottery games in the country. The jackpot prize for La Primitiva may continually rollover if no one still wins the prize. This gives a lot of people a chance for being the next millionaire.


Prize Breakdown



With a 5 tier prize breakdown, La Primitiva is in the sights of many a lottery player. Most people like to choose their own numbers in the lottery, but this may not be the most strategic decision for those who want to be in the running to win the jackpot.

Using Quick Pick is the best way to get the numbers that could change your life. Just click Quick Pick All for the computer to randomly choose your numbers for you. It is stastically proven that this method gives you a better chance at winning the lottery.

If you would still like to choose your own numbers, then we would like to share some information that may help. Throw some commonly drawn numbers into your pick, and try and avoid those that have been chosen only rarely in the past. The most commonly drawn La Primitiva numbers are 29, 12, 32, 53, 18 and 47. They have come up more than 49 times. Steer clear of 7, 30, 1, 5 13 and 21. They are least picked of all in La Primitiva.