EuroMillions Lottery Results

This famous European lottery can be played in different European countries who are members of the lottery. Anyone can get a chance to become a millionaire overnight with just a single matching ticket in Euro-Millions. This is the reason why many players from all over the world purchase the lottery’s tickets to get win Europe’s biggest lottery game.


Prize Breakdown



The Euromillions has taken Europe by storm, but you can be a part of it with Bitcoin.

When you choose your numbers, take into account that experts advise against using personally important numbers, like the ages of family members, or birthdays.

Much better is to use numbers that are statistically proven to have been chosen more regularly than others in EuroMillions draws. Numbers that have come up in draws more than 75 times are 50, 11, 4, 44 and 38. The luckiest Lucky Star balls are 5 and 3 having also been drawn extremely often. Recently, the numbers that have not been drawn very often are 22, 1, 88, 49 and 34. The Lucky Stars that have not made much of an appearance lately are 7 and 6. Try to mix and match the most commonly drawn numbers into your EuroMillions entry, as they don’t generally all come up at once.

Better still, just click on Quick Pick All. That way, all the stress of number selection is left up to the computer. It will randomly choose your numbers, giving you the best chance of winning the EuroMillions.