BonoLoto Lottery Results

The Spanish Bono Lotto is a 6/49 Lottery which is drawn four times a week! With a cash jackpot starting at €400,000 and increasing rapidly, this is a great lotto to play! The lotto is run by the Spain’s Loteria Nacional, to provide people with a cheaper lottery option.


Prize Breakdown



Spain’s Bonolotto has a five tier prize division. To win the jackpot, which is the first tier, players need to match all 6 numbers correctly to those drawn. Picking those numbers can be a tricky business and people tend to need guidance in doing so.

While Bitcoin recommends using Quick Pick to have the computer randomly pick your numbers for you, many people still prefer to pick their own numbers. Clicking Quick Pick All gives you the highest chances of winning, but even if you pick your own numbers, a bit of help means a better chance of winning.

Sticking to exact ratios of odd:even numbers is the best way to go when you choose your own numbers. Balance your numbers with the 2:4, 4:2 or 3:3 ratios. Picking all odd numbers, or all even for that matter will lessen your chances of winning greatly. Also, make sure you never pick all 6 numbers in order. Lines filled with only consecutive numbers rarely win the jackpot, if ever. So if you are really interested in winning the Bonolotto, you need to follow the ratio rule.