Our Mission

The Bitcoin.comLottery is part of the Bitcoin.com Group. The Bitcoin.comLottery web portal provides our BCH and BTC wallet holders with a interactive lottery experience that combines high technological advances with a simple interface that fosters a satisfying user experience.

Our Commitment

The Bitcoin.comLottery is committed to providing its clients with seamless access and a quality service. The Company has a dedicated team of well-trained customer support and sales team specialists who are able to provide excellent services, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner, to lottery ticket purchasers.

Our Advantage

The Bitcoin.comLottery services included in this website acts as a portal for all major lotteries, where you may choose your lotto, pick your favourite numbers and buy your tickets using BCH and BTC as a preferred currency.

Our Enviroment

Once your order is submitted our team of select local distributors will purchase your order with an official lottery agent and shortly thereafter you will receive a scanned copy of your lotto ticket in your account.

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail to: support-lottery@bitcoin.com

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